Making Hamburger menu not scroll?

Hello everyone.

I am probably doing something wrong and missing some super easy thing, but is there a way to have a hamburger menu not scroll at all? Not “normal” scroll, not stick to the top etc. Just sit in one place on the page at all times.

Short additional question - IF what I am asking is not possible and I am left with “stick to the top” - is it doable to make the hamburger menu stop a certain number of pixels “south” of the page top (maybe 50-100px)?

Thanks folks.

/Anders in Stockholm

Hi @jollygods,

stick to top is the answer, but it doesn’t have to scroll at all.

Group the menu with a transparent box, bump the box against the top of the page and the menu will never move.

Here’s how that would look in the canvas (with the box not transparent for illustrative purposes):

Duncan - as always - you are the king of Sparkle AND the Usain Bolt of tech support!
Thanks for the short, sweet and fast answer!

All the best from a sunny Stockholm