Manifest on the website

Hello everyone out there.
I have a client that wants to have something like on this website:

Would that be possible in Sparkle or does anyone knows an embedded coding that is taking care of that?

@Swedutch, Not sure what you are getting at?
Is it something specific on the website example? or is it the website in total?

I think he/she want’s to have a signature list where visitors can sign the manifest. Similar to a guest book.
I think they need a script and a file base for input/output of the visitors comments.

Mr. F.

It is the manifest page that she in interested in.
She wants something similar

Hi, I think you are on the right track.
So that is called a signature list.
On their website I could find things like cloudflare and flexbox.
Does this make any sense?
Not always easy to satisfy a customer. :slight_smile:

Hey @Swedutch!

You can make it similar with Sparkle (and perhaps more of a logical process to your client in the general scheme):

  1. Create a normal form submission
  2. Ask to your client an email address where he would like to read these signings and messages
  3. Have a selection list of those who’ll join the wall
  4. Update it weekly or monthly on the page

The thing is, these “direct” text input situations in a website (which i believe is what your client is asking for) aren’t really safe. Also, for this kind of situation where information is exchanged, you would need a database (get the info, hold the info, display the info), which Sparkle does not do by itself.

The “human” curation of the signings can make great opportunities to exchange dialogue and conversations between your client and their costumers, so thats really a plus benefit for your client.

Hope I could give you some light and hope you solve this out with your client :slight_smile:

@Swedutch, Thanks.

Having had a proper look and reading @primo’s post I’m going to suggest to take up @primo’s idea and suggestion. Sparkle in itself is not only the design platform for your website but also the CMS allowing for a way safer online experience…

I was afraid of that. The thing is. They posted a video the other they and before you knew it it was looked at 150 times. So I am a bit afraid to have to put 150 entry in 24 hours on the website.
Is I said this is voluntary work! I will have a look at it.

@Swedutch, The other way is that you can keep what they have online and then take a copy of the code that includes the form and generates the message cards and embed that into Sparkle.

Or you can embed (it is called iframe) that whole website page into Sparkle, so within Sparkle the form will talk to the database and the message cards will be generated…

Oh, i see…

I believe that if they curate the signings, make a list of 5 - 10 signings to be a part of the page so you can update it monthly would be a good solution, but there are tools and external services like @greenskin said that could help you accomplish everything that they want (a text input and a database) ready to be embbed on Sparkle. The only i know is Disqus