Margin Control issue

Very new to the software and I have encountered a strange aspect i cant change. I cant seem to place anything outside of this margin that i cant change. Even if i select full page width (i cant select that option on many objects) all my objects are pushing into the middle of these margins; is there a way to change the parameters for the margin itself?

Sparkle’s layout engine uses multiple fixed width layouts, but you should think of each page as the fusion of all the layouts, each visiting browser will pick the nearest width.

If you add more devices the margins will be on average smaller, because the visiting browser will pick the nearest device layout.

Here there’s a detailed explanation of a quick way to add multiple devices:

I also went over creating multi-device setups in a few recent videos:

And we have a sample template that is multi-device:


Thank you very much for the fast response

Isn’t Duncan just the BEST ? !!