Matomo Web Analytics thread?

I know a few of us are using Matomo Web Analytics to (more) securely monitor visitors. Is there enough interest to develop a thread rather than sift through/translate the GA questions?

To kick us off, I have a few questions. Thanks in advance for any responses. :bowing_man:

  1. Who is using/has used Matomo?
    @rogerb ?
    @darklight ?
    @primo ?

  2. What issues arose when installing/using Matomo? How did you overcome/work around?

  3. Do you use Sparkle’s code embed feature or Visitor Analytics drop-down menu?

  4. Do you use Matomo’s cloud service or a local installation?

  5. What has challenged you the most?

  6. What do you like most about Matomo?

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my perspective is agency-based, since most of the websites I do in Sparkle are for the clients of my agency.

1 - yea, i’ve used it with a few clients.

2 - i don’t think I had any, i just remember i had to republish a website replacing some of the header code after exporting, but it was some specific reason I can’t remember. Thinking about it now doesn’t strike me anything.

3 - It was using Sparkle code embed

4 - All were/are local, at the same server the website was in. IIRC it has to be in the same server for some extra benefits that it can auto discover when its in the same public html directory

5 - not me, but the UI for some clients who were used to Google Analytics. Also the tags are needed to be re-learned for marketing teams.

6 - its a great alternative to Analytics. I’d use it for every client, but commercially it is hard to compete against Googles ecosystem of remarketing and retargeting with Analytics and AdWords

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Hello :wave:t2:

I also use Matomo.

  1. I haven’t encountered any problems to date (fingers crossed!)
  2. I use the specially designed function integrated into Sparkle
  3. Local installation
  4. The settings for GDPR compliance are the most complicated for me… Especially since I am a proponent of the “exemption mode,” which involves only collecting basic and anonymized information, thus not having to ask for consent for cookie use.
  5. What I like most about Matomo is that it is quite respectful of privacy. I also like the fact that they offer an API, which I use on one of my sites so that my clients can see how many visitors they had the previous day directly on it. It’s convenient!

(Translated with AI)

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