Mega Menu tutorial?

To be sure I get it right.
I want an ordinary Menu link to go to the Mega Menus display of an accumulation of many blogs.



There are basically two ways to create a mega menu with Sparkle. The first is by using a popup that appears when a link in your ordinary menu is clicked. You would simply arrange and style the popup with all your links to the various blog posts. You activate the menu with an ‘on-click’ action of ‘open popup’ on the main menu link.

The second way to go is to create a layout block that contains your mega menu. You set the layout block to be initially hidden, then use one of your main menu links to ‘toggle the visibility’ of the layout block.

The differences between these two methods is that a Popup menu will open on top of other page content, causing the other content to be obscured while the popup is open. Whereas, the layout block option will extend the page content - pushing page content down the page when the layout block becomes visible.

You can see an example of both types of menu plus instructions HERE. The example also shows how to handle the mega menus on mobile versions of the site using popups - just reduce the width of your browser to see the differences.