Mention your Sparkle website!

Cool! I hope the material is useful! I really do use the daily planner every morning, and it helps me stay on track during the day. There’s still often a gap between my aspirations and the reality of what I get done, but it still feels like it’s better to have a plan of stated intentions.

P.S. Yes, “gamify” and “gamification” have become words. Jane McGonigal has done some great books, articles, and a TED Talk on the subject (though it seems to have drifted into the background in recent years).

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Today I finished my first web site on Sparkle

Hello, i am a photographer and director living in Correggio, Italy, and this my website made with sparkle. Love this App.

Have a nice day

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Hi !
Here is my own web site…
I use it to share my hobbies !
Astronomy, Amateur Radio, Birds photography and others !


Nice work. The home page photo is strong, but a person or people somewhere in the scene could be more impactful and engaging.

Thanks for the feedback. The images were supplied by the client and taken by a professional photographer at the time of a new fit out for the surgery. Unfortunately no staff members were on hand during the shoot and no images were supplied with people in them. Cheers.

Hi Denis, Nice work! Interesting that we share some same hobbies… Best regards, Hans (PA3GRT)

One Page Organic Honey Site


Great site. Very clever chosen font!

Really like the design, very “organic”, just like the honey. :slightly_smiling_face: :honey_pot:


New logo is coming to way with this font… (;

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Thanks… :honeybee:

A beautiful overall design / layout with a great font choice. Images and the use of opacity was brilliant. Loved it.


Thanks a lot… :pray:

You’ve done a mighty fine job with your created site! :slight_smile: It totally sells me on the product and leaves no doubt in my mind why I am on the website and what the purpose is of the website!

Love the graphics, the white-space used, the font styles used so thumbs up from me! Kudos! :slight_smile:

Thanks Hendrik… :pray:

Congrats, very cool site, wish I would be able to do the same :slight_smile:


Hello. I just published my first ( 1.0 version ) Sparkle website. I still have much work to do and tweak, but grateful for Sparkle. I welcome any comments/suggestions/criticism. Thanks,