Mention your Sparkle website!

It’s the time of the year where we’d love you to showcase your Sparkle-made website, please reply with a link! And if you have any detail you want to add we’re happy to hear it!


Thank You Duncan for the wonderful Sparkleapp


Thanks to Sparkle I was able to create a website for my church here in Singapore.


A very simple site, more to follow soon! ^^

2 Likes Easily created with Sparkle!

Mac and Windows app for monitoring servers and websites with automatic alerts.

I’ve done two:

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No fancy animations, but 230+ pages.

Fully responsive…

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Thanks for your attention and many thanks to everyone at Sparkle who made this coolest ever site builder!

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Sparkle has helped us to kick-off new business. Thank you Duncan

made with Sparkle :grin:

DjApp :slight_smile:

Well, this is my first website ever and, no idea if you like it, but ppl are heading to it and give me kind of likes. I know I still have lots to work on it, but have a look and give me your feedback.
Oh by the way … it took me only an hour max. to see my first website … again complete newbie here:)

Have fun and let me know

My website

All made with SparkleApp


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Hello Andredupke, your site is really excellent. Compliment, well done!
Can you just give me a hint, how you did that, the overlay is transparent?
The push-functions are clear to me, but the nice overlay blurred I did not still find out.
Would be great.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Very simple:

  1. Two Wide boxes, one above each other
  2. Same, fixed background image
  3. Use the blur filter on one of them

By the way;
duncan, there is (still) a color overlay filter missing, for the background images!! ^^

Blurring it is very nice, but would love to darken it too, without having another box layer with semi transparent color on top…