Mention your Sparkle website!

Here is my website, designed to use as a platform to sell shabby chic personalised wooden signs.
I wanted to integrate ecommerce into the sparkle website. I already used ecwid as a shopping cart, and found integrating it through sparkles embed code fairly straight forward.

Personalised wooden signs -


Really good website! Do you use ecwid on your site? How do you find it? Is it functioning ok alongside sparkle?


cool websites, I love layouts and art.

Hi Alex

Yes we use Ecwid and I really like it. It’s simple to use and integrates well with sparkle by the simple embed option.


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Great to see another vineyard website! It’s really nice well done!


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Wow! How do you made a pop up window?

Marco but vivrelejapon is it realized with Sparkle?!

Bonjour MultimediaMan,
Not at all, i just work the graphic design with sketch. Vivrelejapon is a big site.
A lot of developer worked on it, and not with Sparkle.

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thank you for your appreciation WaliasDigital :slight_smile:

Love the new site @Stumbles. A big thumbs up from me :slight_smile:


Pinhole Ideas Desordenadas.
Gracias por existir, Sparkle!!!
Ahora puedo exponer mi trabajo, sin apenas esfuerzo y mi cartera de trabajos va subiendo.

2 Likes - based on the Wanderer Design.


I’m a Sandvox refugee, Just loaded up my first try w/ Sparkle,


I finally merged them all. The total came up to 329 pages! Saving and publishing now take a lot longer, but editing is still snappy and Sparkle never crashed.

Avec l’arrivée de la mise en page automatique pour smartphone device, cela sera extra.
et également la protection de page par mot de passe avec plusieurs utilisateurs serait top.
Bravo pour Sparkle et forza italia…

It took just four hours to learn Sparkle and convert my first website from Dreamweaver to Sparkle.

Sure, this was the easy site. But now I’m ready to try converting the difficult site that has 100+ pages and uses a flyout menu in the sticky header and a template that is the basis for 90% of the pages.


I am used these effects


@macarna, Hey you have done a fantastic job with your client’s website and it is looking great on mobile as well… nice! :slight_smile:

Love the hover image tricks! Did you introduce a bit of CSS to achieve that?
If anything I was lost and momentarily uncertain what to do on the lading page so I’m thinking you could have a think about that.

All up great! Kudos! :slight_smile:
our new website in 6 languages. Client is really happy…