Menu, I click on everything associated with it, But I can't get back to the "Menu" menu."

I’m trying to hide an unused button, can’t figure out what I am missing that won’t let me get back to it.


@jfmusic, Sorry but can you better explain the issue?..

I created a Menu, and then grouped it with its Wide box, to have Keep on top set. It works.
But I have a dead button, it being dead is not the Issue. I want to hide the button for the moment. I would expect I have to click on Button Box, Container, Group, of some portion of the Menu to get back to the Menu items to make adjustments. Nothing I click on or attempt gets me back to the Menu selections/adjustments.

@jfmusic, Oh… I get you know…
Still a bit hazy but it sounds like you want to hide one of the menu buttons which you can do by clicking two or three times on the group to highlight the menu. Then go over to the right-hand side (under the Style tab) and you’ll see the menu and then you need to find the menu button and then click onto it. Below all that you will notice that you can make a link visible or invisible by clicking on the eye icon that sits to the right of the +, -, and folder icons.

The problem is, ![Screen Shot 2020-08-30 at 5.39.28 PM|172x499](upload://hzScreen Shot 2020-08-30 at 5.39.24 PM i2pND0TzbruhcY5vGuCC1iJfO.png) I agree and then there is nothing under style showing me menu options as it has in the past when I created the Menu in the first place.

@jfmusic, Have you placed down buttons for your main menu? If you have then the only way is to click it and “hide on this device”.

it seems what you are talking about is when your use the “Menu” element, please read here -

This is why I don’t grasp my issue, I built it with the menu element after reading the manual, and Duncans articles.
Now I can’t get back to the element settings to Hide a button. User error, most likely, but that doesn’t inform for the next time this happens.

I wonder if my memory is faulty at this point, and if the Menu was prebuilt on the template I started with.

Thanks for the help again .