Menu jumps vertically

Hi friends, I have a problem with the name of the website and the menu. They are in the right place on the home page, on some pages they jump vertically by a few PX … What about that, please?

Dííky, Klára

Hi @KlarinetkaSt, beautiful site!

Possibly a Sparkle bug? Please send the project over to and we’ll take a look.

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I think the problem might be connected to the massive empty space at the bottom of all pages. Did you by mistake stretch the bottom border and not re-check it?

(The photography is fantastic.)

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some sites have more photos, and so far I have not figured out how to put a border on each site as needed :frowning:

@KlarinetkaSt, A great site, well done! :slight_smile:
Like has been mentioned you probably want your footer area grouped and then ask it in the right hand panel under Arrange to “Follow footer”. That will remove the big blank area between your page content and the footer area.

One other little thing… Your large hero type is a bit to high up on the page as it is covering your main navigation on all your sub pages…

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Try grouping the elements

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