Menu that stays in position?

Very newbie to site creation, I’m trying to make a horizontal menu stay in place at top of page when I scroll down.
Any simple way to do this ?
Many thanks !

you can group the menu together with a box. And than you can fix it on the top of the side (in the menu on the right side)

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Many thanks Horst !!
Would never have found that on my own :wink:

This just came up the other day:

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Thanks Duncan !
It worked fine on my main device page (PCs and tablet in landscape) but when I check on the other devices, it’s completely haywire ! Nothing of the new group in the right place :frowning:
Bug or something I haven’t understood (again ! )

This is possibly not about the grouping at all? I’d refer you to the devices documentation, let me know what is unclear or how I can help:

Click on the box/group/menu and under Style, you can tell it to stick to the top.

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Thanks Gretchen!
Finally got around the problem by creating boxes with text for the menu titles and doing the group thing with stick to top option.