Menue einfärben - Colorize menu


wie kann ich den das Menue so einfärben das nur die Seite auf der man sich befindet in einer anderen farbe erscheint?

How can I color the menu so that only the page you are on appears in a different color?

@Hoddl1 this is not possible yet.
Though you can achieve it by using Buttons, and when a User lands on a page the button for that page is coloured different to all the other buttons. A bit more work to get it right, but it does look the part in the end.

ok danke - so hab ich das jetzt schon gelöst, doch wenn man eine seite nicht veröffentlichen will muss man dann wieder alle seiten ändern so das das menue dann passt - über die menue option wäre so was dann einfacher zu lösen.

ok thanks - that’s how i’ve already solved it, but if you don’t want to publish a page you have to change all pages again so that the menu fits - it would be easier to solve this via the menu option

It would be easier @Hoddl1 but for now this is the best workaround for the navigation page effect.
I really like it when I’m on a website and go through the pages of it that it indicates where I am in the main navigation; like a “you are here”.

I’m hoping we can see that in Sparkle one day - fingers-crossed! :slight_smile:

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