Migrating site to another host/platform

Can anyone explain how to migrate my site to another platform? Thanks, Tim

Hello :wave:t2:

Could you please be more specific?

Are you looking to change the hosting provider for your website or switch to a different website creation software?

Hi Allan, thanks for responding. I’m moving to Bluehost and Wordpress. Tim

Unfortunately, each software has a different way of designing websites, so it won’t be possible to import a Sparkle project into WordPress.

Just as Sparkle has a function to reproduce a website from a URL or HTML files, there must certainly be similar functions or plugins available for WordPress. However, for that, you would need to ask the WordPress community for assistance.

I still suggest waiting a few days for the release of Sparkle 5 before making a final decision. :blush:

A bit confusing @timswisher?
Do you have a Sparkle website that you want to migrate to another hosting server? If so then you just change your Sparkle’s Publish FTP settings and republish to the new hosting server.