Mini Theatre seat

Hi, I would like to use Sparkle to set up a seat sale for a six seat “ultra mini theatre”. I see that Sparkle can connect to many different payment systems. Do you think this is possible?

Thanks in advance

Hi, yes indeed you can create a site and just link a button(s) to your appropriate payment site.
Here is a small site I created for a local pantomime company and the book online button just links through to a third party payment system. Trust this helps.

Thank you, what is your third-party payment system?

I think it’s a business called Ticket Source This is a third party service. I guess by signing up, they will give you a link to display a book now button on your web page, or give you a link that you can add to a standard Sparkle button.

Yes that’s correct. I was given a link and just added it to my button.