Missing Features

Hi there,

I’ve been using Sparkle since 2015, and despite missing some features from Figma, after returning to Sparkle following a 5-year absence, I still appreciate it. I have seven suggestions to enhance its features:

  1. A menu button for objects to “Show only on this device”

I’ve noticed that some users face challenges when adjusting different devices with various objects in Sparkle. It can become messy when trying to add, change, or delete separate elements or groups on only one device, requiring a lot of workaround to deactivate elements on all other devices. A button like “Change only this Device Design” would be a great addition too.

  1. A button to automatically adjust the textbox to the content.

If Sparkle adjusts the frames for other devices or if you delete text, you may otherwise have to scroll endlessly to the textbox border.

  1. A simple vector option to create individual shapes or a not rectangular box.

  2. A key combination to move objects in a straight line without shifting the axis.

  3. A user-friendly option and guide for making a website bilingual. It would be great if you could simply add the text without creating new pages.

  4. A way to precisely change the box size through pixel value input.

  5. Option to adjust the size of the audio player box. If it’s too large, it looks … too large :slight_smile:

But thanks so far, I am happy that Sparkle still exists. After all these years it is a nice tool.


I say YES to No.2

Kind regards,

Hi @2Improve,

thanks for the suggestions!

Just a note that the shift key I think does what you want in #4 and the size settings in the arrange inspector do what you want in #6. Also the audio player has been customizable since Sparkle 3, is that still not what you want?

Hello Duncan, great to see that you are still as active and engaged as you were ten years ago.

  • True, I overlooked that you can set the box pixel values.
  • And the Shift key perfectly moves objects on the axis. However, it confuses me that you can still move objects off the axis when changing the direction.

Great, that’s sufficient for moving and scaling!

I can’t make the Audio Player smaller than Width 292 px. That’s quite large and visually distracting on small devices.

Thank you very much, keep up the great work!

Might not be too visible in Sparkle, but you can make the audio player narrower by changing the style (without background or mini), or removing parts of the user interface (progress/time/volume).