Missing Menu in just 960px device only

I seem to take one step forward, and then one step back every time I change something on my site.

I have just noticed that one of my menu items has disappeared on the 960px device size, but is there on others. Clicking the little eye icon under then menu list doesn’t change this, and I can’t seem to find a way to switch it back on - almost a quarter of my website resides under this FAQ section!
It appears under the 1200px, 768px, 480px, and 320px, but is missing on 960px only!
Any ideas?

@vk2003, what if you reduce the spacing between your links on your 960 device?

I can try that, but won’t it affect the other device layouts?
I did try extending the menu box but that didn’t help.
Silly question, as I should know, but as I set the menu up 2 years ago, I can’t remember how to change the spacing - any quick tips?

Thank you for your help


It almost looks like you created the menu (without FAQ) in full width, with the option “same size”. Then you inserted FAQ, but the space is not enough.

I would redo it without the “same size” option.

Mr. F.

I’m not sure about that. The website has been up, and running for two years without issue. Its only the iterations in the past month that seem to have changed.
I will have to take a look!

After having a closer look at your screenshot i saw that you have set the menu item “FAQ” to invisible.
You see the eye icon? Uncheck it and you should be good.

Mr. F.

I recognized with my website that sometimes - like done by an invisible hand - the last menu item is set to invisible. And I know that I didn’t do that. Maybe Sparkle sets it to invisible when there is not enough space to show this item? I am at a loss…

Yes it does, it hides automatically when it doesn’t have space to show the item. Remember that Sparkle isn’t responsive automatically, so neither are the menus


I wish it was that simple. Clicking the little eye does not change its state.

Did you make some room first?
Uncheck “same size” and squeeze the menu.

Mr. F.

Weirdest thing…
I tried making the menu wider, and FAQ didn’t appear. “Same size” was never selected anyway.
So I squeezed the menu… when it got to half it’s current size, I clicked the eye icon, and FAQ appeared in the squashed menu.
Fortunately it stayed when I stretched the menu back to page width!
Most peculiar…

Thanks for the help and advice everyone