Missing pictures on the blog index

After upgrading to Sparkle 5, random pictures on my blog index just don’t show up. No problem before upgrading.

Any known issue or perhaps I’ve done something wrong?

Are the missing images visible in the RSS view of the affected post?

I’m not sure.

On the Sparkle screen and in preview, all looks fine:

But in both Safari and Chrome, two photos on page 1 are missing (another missing on page 2). Same on my phone.

This is very strange indeed.
In the source code I can see and access the images.

Have you tried to republish the page?

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Indeed, it’s surprising. As @Mr_Fozzie mentioned, the images are present in the page’s source code and on the server.
If you haven’t already done so, try republishing your site. If that doesn’t change anything, I suggest connecting to your server (via FTP) and deleting the following folders before republishing your site: blog, images, js, css.

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I’ve had similar problems and as a last resort deleted the server cache - hosts such as Siteground offer this as standard (static, dynamic etc) so maybe your host does . . . ?

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Thanks Allan. I’ve republished numerous times, even changed the pictures but still the same problem. Shall try deleting those folders you suggested now and see what happens. Wish me luck! :slight_smile:

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I’ve no idea. I’m not technical in the slightest which is frustrating when you like making websites :grimacing:

Ok, I deleted the folders you suggested and republished. BUT, the problem remains! This is just too weird. I’ve no idea what to do now.


I would recommend that you send your project to Duncan that he can have a closer look into this.
Maybe it’s only a little thing that makes the images disappear.

Or TEC support can examine your source code. Could be a bug - not sure.

Mr. F.


If there is an animation, can you remove the animation and try?

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