Mobile 320 device problem

Hi @all,

Need help I got this problem yesterday after I’ve finished rearranging my 1200 desktop design for mobile. I clicked the minus button on the device layouts panel and clicked it again. Then my finished 320 mobile version reverts itself to the original 1200 desktop layout it this normal?

You can see the mobile version design I made on the web section of my website.

Thank you.

@ericmndz, Unfortunately your action has killed your mobile device layout. What you could do is check if you have a previous saved version by going “File / Revert to / Browse All Versions”.

Hi @FlaminFig, Thank you for that suggestion but I made so many design tweaking yesterday it will be easier to just do it again.

@ericmndz, It would be worth a try but I understand! :slight_smile:

Yep, I will Thank you @FlaminFig :slight_smile: