Mobile menu HELP

I’ve read, I’ve watched…but can’t seem to get all the menu items to up . I’ve fiddled with height, size, text etc…but still looks like this? Looks perfect in design mode for device… but when I go to preview…it looks like this. Is there no way to design WYSIWYG? I’m totally confused.

I’ve sent you a private message.

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Just checking @Girlwerks, when your Preview (and because you have introduced more than one device) are your Preview settings as such?..

From your screenshots there is a very obvious increase of all your text not only the dropdown navigation.

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yes I am… and it’s not showing me anything but a black screen and no menu bar or text just the social icons??? the destop is also weird…not sure why? I’m a mess over here.

It sure does! Sorry to hear it.
You can just delete the 320 Device and start again?
But it sounds like Frank is going to give you a helping hand!

You’ll get there in the end! :slight_smile:

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I LOVE this community! I feel like such a dork…and I was so advanced in Muse, but I feel like a fish in a new pond. WAIT…I am a fish in a new pond!!!

I’ll see what Franc says…I think I got so confused that I made Sparkle lose it’s mind.


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