Modern blog format?

I’m just experimenting adding a blog to my site(s). The blog option here seems hopelessly out of date in format but I’m probably missing something basic. Blogs I see on other sites have a blog home page in a grid format of boxes each containing a teaser explanation of each blog post, an image and an invitation to “read more…” . How do I do this please? I can’t see any instructions or guidance in the support documentation.

A basic example of the format I mean is here:



Maybe a future version will have a grid layout for the blog index page.

But with the design of the RSS view of a blog post you can pimp the layout.

Mr. F.

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Thanks Fozzie,

I hate to say this but given the importance of blogging to Google nowadays and the dismal offering from Sparkle, I’m sorely tempted to migrate to WP or Wix.


Do you want to tell us that Google rates a blog by appearance and style? That scares me.

But i knew it! One day the machines will rule us and take all the power.

Be creative and build a beautiful blog with the tools Sparkle gives you.

Mr. F.

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No but I’m concerned about my bounce rate. If people land on my blog and see the default which looks like it was designed in 1997, they will probably shut the tab and go elsewhere!

One the things that drew me to Sparkle was the ease of use for me as a non-professional. The absence of any meaningful documentation on how to make the blog look modern and attractive is turning out to be a major stumbling block for me. Exhorting me to “be creative” doesn’t really help! Are there perhaps some detailed practical instructions or a video I’ve missed perhaps? Could you point me to them please?

I had similar problems getting to grips with the menu tool but having seen the youtube by Duncan (I think it was) showing click-by-click how to create a menu, I got to understand it. Is there anything like this for configuring a blog section to look up-to-date?


Blog Tutorial: often asked, never really answered.

I myself do not use a blog, just test the various possibilities and design.

I also don’t know if anyone here on the forum has a blog made 100% with sparkle.

Instead of the automatically generated blog index page you can create your own snippets (own index page) and link to the blog entry. Then you are completely free in the design.

Mr. F.

Although Sparkle is limited to a 1 grid layout for its Blog Index page doesn’t limit it to being a really good blogging platform. I feel very confident we will see the Blog Index layout updated to allow for more grid options later in the year! :slight_smile:

Wordpress is the most hacked platform on this planet!
I don’t know much about WIX because I haven’t tried it.


I can assure you @Mike4 that my revised blog for my Flamin’ Fig 2.0 looks nothing like 1997! So they won’t be shutting my blog page!!! :slight_smile: :star: :+1:

I know we only have a single grid page layout for the Blog Index for now, but we have full creative scope in how we can use it. For now I’m loving the challenge! :slight_smile:


I have a site that is effectively a Blog, but I started it with Sparkle before Sparkle had a “Blogging” function. It uses menus and pop-ups to create what I want. After all, isn’t a Blog just web pages designed to guide visitors to the posts? I add posts by adding a pop-up and a button.

The “style” changed a little over time as I refined my ideas of design. The 2022 posts reflect this “evolution”.


Mike4, I understand your frustration. The same thing happened to me, but I think it’s not Sparkle’s fault but our way of thinking for being used to seeing/using certain styles that flood the Internet.

The truth is that what we see as a limitation of the tool can be a great opportunity to differentiate ourselves from the “competition” and attract more readers to our blog.

As you say, the fashion is to make the blog index in the form of a grid, but that is due to the fixed structure set by Word Press. The result is that all blogs, or most of them, look the same.

Sparkle offers us the possibility to create something different, to be original and stand out without repeating formulas. If a blog looks old, it is not because of the distribution of content, but because of an outdated design or, directly, the lack of design.

Here is an example I found of a blog designed with Sparkle:
Sparkle modern blog

It has an absolutely professional finish and, moreover, not very seen. It invites me to stay and read, although what makes me really loyal to a blog is its content, not its aesthetics. :wink:

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A little cynicism if I may: if a blog looks like it’s from 1997, then you made it look like 1997. No offense taken!

Sparkle certainly has some limitations, but your creativity and imagination have none. And you can do a lot with the resources you have.

Leonardo da Vinci had only a simple paint box and still created a masterpiece for eternity.

Mr. F.


The problem I have is I am running a business and I don’t really have the time and inclination to ‘be creative’ and spend hours figuring out for myself how to re-create some of the wonderful examples of blogs posted so far. I’m just not that clever or committed in the field of web design. What I’ve clever and committed at is the business I run and maintaining my websites is only a tiny part of what I do. I like Sparkle because it makes website design easy, except where the blog is concerned!
What I need is some step by step instructions showing an idiot’s guide of how to achieve a decent looking blog. Or better, the blog looking decent ‘straight from the box’.
It seems such a help file or video does not exist but I’m sure i’m not the only Sparkle user that would appreciate this.

The blog feature was a more recent addition (after much begging from ppl here) and it’s improving with each update. I personally love it & its unique look but I don’t use it for business per se. I also don’t believe Google has penalised me at all because of the design and if anything, my blog is rating far higher now than when I was using WP.

I hope to see more options in future updates but there’s plenty of creativity to be had in the meantime.

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Hey, think this video at this time can help you out with some questions about the blog index customization