Morphing (because I have taken the red pill)!

Well it has been a busy two months, not only for Flamin’ Fig but also our design studio was based on the carbon neutral paradigm where we would help our clients find a carbon neutral path with their offline branding and online marketing… and with every project completed we would take 1% of the project cost and invest it into tree planting here in Australia and around the world. But since those days I have become very jaded with this whole carbon neutral paradigm and man-made global warming which is now being called climate change to even further confuse things!

We are being bombarded with that-science and this-science telling us we are wrong and that we need to skimp and scape and continually dish money out to carbon offset any which way we can. In the end it was costing us $1600/yr for the carbon neutral accreditation, and us doing all the work in keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum.

I thought I was doing good for our planet but all along I was in a mass-hypnosis-formation (aka groupthink) brought about by Al Gore’s scare mongering!
The biggest issue we have is man-made pollution of the lands, oceans, and air and the degradation of masses of natural old growth forests! What they don’t tell us is that the atomic weight of CO2 is slightly heavier than the the atomic weight of O2 which is the very reason behind why trees thrive… It is their source of food. So the only reason CO2 is going up is because the tress on mass are coming down! CO2 is not in the upper atmosphere as they would have us to believe. It sits close to the ground for the trees to use and convert into plant food!

So “they” are making us feel guilty and having us paying through the nose as they raise the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere because of global forest and ocean degradation!

While in the meantime mega-industries around the world continue polluting our land, oceans, and air at a greater rate to the previous years.

So with all that being said I feel I am deceiving our clients on this whole made up science to further tax the people by stealth. So with the knowledge and the 18 years experience I have running I am now morphing into ZENZULU CREATIVE, moving over to a totally new niche and still moving 1% of project costing to planting trees.

To start things off I have now a placeholder page up with some really nice animations which you can checkout here -


Welcome to the real world. It’s going to take the world a very long time to wake up and see that paying for carbon credits doesn’t diminish carbon. It shifts it somewhere else while a few people get rich. Now that you’ve seen the light, try figuring out the rest of what governments around the world are doing to us. Start with Jordan Peterson and listen carefully to what he says. Please open your mind though, it’s difficult to understand the enormity of it all. And just to add… it’s a great thing to plant as many trees as possible as they are so beautiful. Well done to you and I wish you every continued success with


Hey Mike @scoutdesign, thanks for your insight and well wishes… appreciated! :slight_smile:

I hear what you are saying and thanks for the suggestion. I’ll take a look and listen!
The words “Listen to the science” seems to be a catch-cry for anything and everything today that is not real-science! It is now up there with religion which admittingly has some good moral teachings.

Here’s to a better world!!! :slight_smile:

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Absolutely! The meaning of the words religion, science, racism and even men and women have been re-written. I should start manufacturing red pills. I would make a fortune!