Most crappy website worldwide

After a few weeks I managed to convert my large website with many pages with Sparkle Pro and even expanded it further. There are still some bugs, but these will be fixed later.
Beautiful program Sparkle Pro only it is a pity that everything I do in the program is a bit slow, maybe it is because of the many pages with a lot of photos and pdf files … saving and other work takes a bit long and you see the rainbow circle keep turning. But am happy with the program!
Sportblad Knudde

You may want to change out your gifs to images. I notice 3 gifs all on your opening page. Gifs I’ve found a huge and slow things down.
ie…For the spinning world you may want to change to a a picture of earth and use and use some Sparkle special effects.

Thanks for your message Bill, but the site is not slow although you are right with too many gifs on the opening page I have now adjusted. But if the Sparkle pro App is slow with operations such as changing fonts and saving files, it takes a while for the rainbow circle to disappear. It always worked well, but less so now