Move images/videos with text

Hello everyone!
The following little problem: I have text passages and I would like to insert images and videos that can be moved with the text when updated. Somehow I have not managed to implement this yet.
Does anyone have an idea?

Ahhh @Nachtfalke, Sparkle has a fixed point elements canvas so elements don’t push one another around like how you are wanting it.

Sparkle 4 introduced Layout Blocks.
By using them you can have content (made up of elements) push down on the next Layout Block of elements sliding the Layout block or Layout Blocks below down the canvas.

Check out this for more info on it - Layout Blocks | Sparkle Documentation

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Thank you, will have a look at !

EDIT: Yes, that works for me - thank you!

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Hi @Nachtfalke ,
Unsure if this will help you but some control over the relationship between text and images can be exerted using “Text Wrap” on the Arrange tab.

But for full control, @FlaminFig 's suggestion is likely best.

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