Multi Language menu problem

I just did purchase Sparkle after “playing” a few weeks.
I am now trying to build a multi-language website but I am running into a problem.

I create for example 3 pages in the main language A and also in language B.
When I go to page 1 of language A and do more > menu I get the menu in language A.
I have 2 options now; 1. Show on this page only or 2. show on all pages.
When I do option 2 it also does show language A in the section of language B.

So it looks like I need to build the menu using the option “show on this page only” and then copy it to all the pages of the specific language? If so I really start to worry because what will happen if I create a new page and I want to add it in the menu every week. Does it mean I need to re-build my menu every week for all the pages?

I did watched the youtube clip Duncan made ( but it seems he is also having a problem at 09.40 time frame.

Is there a solution for this?

Create sections for each language, then you can display the related language menu for just that section in the arrange tab (with ticking visible/hidden eye on the menu, see screenshots).

Read therefor:


Vielen dank fur dem screenshots!

That’s an option, or you can uncheck the auto add pages, and manually add pages you want, instead of rebuilding the menu

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I think there is also the option “show on this device” which I can turn on and off.

Again thx for your help and stay safe!