Multiple file/photo upload

Apologies if this has already been discussed here, I can’t find anything about my request.
Is it possible to attach several files at the same time in the contact form? Is this a settings issue, like the maximum file size?
Overall, I don’t find the solution particularly attractive. I have therefore hidden the input field with the upload button in the layout. Then unfortunately you can’t see what or if something is attached. For several uploads I would have to insert several buttons. Is there an elegant solution?
Kind regards Steffi

Hi @Steffi,

I solved this problem by incorporating an external upload service, but we, PPemail, has an in-house option built on the Nextcloud architecture (PPecloud).

Visitors can upload multiple files and see that they have been uploaded.

Alternatively, you could receive submissions via email. Of course, not elegant and with size limits as you know.

Thank you. Maybe someone knows about another option to handle it within sparkle.

You could provide more file uploads, i have done one once where i provided 4 files to upload. Sometimes you don’t want people upload heaps of files.

You are right, but in this case it makes more than just sense to upload several files. But how did you do that? That’s the question here. Unfortunately, not even one file is being sent at the moment, so I’ll have to do it again anyway.

You can add multiple file upload elements to a form. It’s not elegant, but it works.