My latest website project

Dear sparkle commuity,
my latest website project is now online:
I used a template for this, but that was not a good idea. It was created with layout blocks and therefore difficult to edit. After a few crashes Duncan contacted me immediately, that’s really phenomenal support! I just rebuilt the page manually. That wasn’t the end of the world either.

By the way, I also use Sparkle for layouting for larger projects. For tuning on a test server, this is the best way of working for me. Some projects unfortunately have to be implemented with Wordpress or Typo3 on customer request.

Many greetings to the community, Steffi


I love the look & feel of it, great job, Steffi!

Would you mind sharing which template you initially started with, before rebuilding by hand?

I’m impressed, and thanks for sharing. Very inspiring!

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Thank you very much. :smiling_face:
I Startes with the Barbour-Template. Of you use it, ungroup the layout blocks and make normal groups of it. Males it much easyer.

Thanks for the tip, Steffi! I will take a look at that theme to practice on, as soon as I have a day to dig my heels in.

Cheers, and have a good rest of your weekend!

Übrigens, will nicht besserwisserisch daher kommen, aber eine kleine Text-Korrektur auf der Homepage:

“daher kann ich auf den Verkauf von Pflege-, Kur- und Repairprodukten in meinem Laden verzichten kann.”, sollte “daher kann ich auf den Verkauf von Pflege-, Kur- und Repairprodukten in meinem Laden verzichten.”, oder “weswegen ich auf den Verkauf von Pflege-, Kur- und Repairprodukten in meinem Laden verzichten kann.”

Ist mir nur aufgefallen

Super, danke. Hat noch keiner gesehen. Leider ist die kostenlose Version für Google Rezensionen abgelaufen, da die Seite in den paar Tagen schon Über 200 Mal aufgerufen wurde. Kennst Du da eine Lösung?

Here in the office I sit at a computer whose resolution is 1920x1080 pixels.
Everything there is scaled very large. And the text in the buttons of the cookie banner is not readable.

Thank you. Maybe I’ll work it out. I just wonder, why it works on my 24#
In a few days there will be an update for the site. The Google reviews don‘t schow up anymore for there was top much traffic on the site. Do you have a tipp for that? :dotted_line_face: i so not understand the weite buttos. They are definately not white.

The only way i know for Google Reviews is to use the elfsight plugin. If you want more possible views you have to pay for it.

Aaah, too bad. It is a very small Barbour Shop and I think 200 visitors should be enough. It tested the site and I still commit find the cookie banner with white buttons. I am helpless with this for I cannot see it. Several different browsers, two computers. The large pictures must be ok, I like it somehow, for it fits to the client perfectly. I have no other Pictures to use.

Danke, habe es geändert :wink:

Okay, strange.
The system here: Windows 10, Firefox and Edge. Both Browsers shows the white Buttons.
Because of the large representation: If i go to the site via Edge it looks good. If i go to the site via Firefox it looks like it is zoomed to 130%. But it shows “100%” in the bar. If i zooming out to 70% it looks as in Edge.

I would check your font styles.
Browsers are showing the buttons as white but it isn’t to do with the button, but the colour of the font.

I see you have the active text “datenschutzerklarung” in white.

Hello, I can neither find nor reproduce this. Everything is set legibly and visibly. I have now changed everything completely and hope that it now fits. I had several bugs in this project, but Duncan helped me. But what I see (online and in the preview) has always been right on that point. It’s a bit creepy that people can see something that isn’t so.

As I mentioned it is your font style you need to correct on the button.
You have it working back to front at the moment as hovering over the button the font now turns black.

I don’t get it. The writing is lato. I’ve really tested everything now and no device and no browser shows me what’s on your screenshot. I’m at the end of my tether. @duncan , do you see that too? Can you help me? Please

I have no idea how to change it. I don’t want to make a very large desktop version, it is a mini project. But I still cannot find the white buttons. I deleted all cache and testest all browsers on different computers. I freak out now. :frowning:

Unfortunately, here at home on my Mac, there are also the white buttons. On every browser. Something seems to be broken in your project.


No, there is nothing wrong with the project. Or is there?
The solution is much simpler!
If you have the dark color scheme active on the Mac, the buttons are white. With the light color scheme they appear as intended.

This should not happen.

Mr. F.


Thank you, mr fozzie, I had activated the dark mode and didn’t notice it because it was probably preset in the template. I myself would never activate it voluntarily, as I personally don’t like dark mode and don’t want to have to do twice the work. Memo to me: Don’t use templates :slight_smile: that caused me a lot of unnecessary work here and all that is left of the template are the zigzag patterns. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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