My Painting Website

Hello everyone. At last I think my website is ready to go live. Will truly appreciate some advice and criticisms to make it better. Here is the link to the test site. Thank you in advance

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@mhirji, One big standout on all “devices” breakpoints are that your container that contains the words “FINE ARTWORK” is causing your browser to horizontal scroll.

@greenskin. Hi Hendricks. Thanks a lot for your input. This technical stuff is difficult for me to understand. From what I gather, one can move the website page to the right or left of the screen by scrolling. And as you mention is due to the words fine art. Any idea how to remedy it?

Yep that is right. I would click on that box you have with the words “FINE ART” in it. Make sure the image fits to the container or fills the container. You’ll see those settings on the right-hand panel.

If that fails place the “FINE ART” (it looks like an image) in a Sparkle “Image” element and position it on your page. And remember you’ll need to check all your other devices breakpoints.

Thanks a lot I will do as suggested. I am amazed that you can pinpoint the offending item amongst so many.

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After a while it becomes natural ! :slight_smile:

Tried all options mentioned, including removing the text box containing the FINE ART text. No luck as you can see. Also, this is not duplicated on preview only on the published site?

@greenskin Hi Hendrik. Aha. I think I did succeed. There was an additional frame with fine art text hidden behind the hero image. I was removing every item, one at a time and republishing to figure out the problem. I found this one deleted it and voila solved the problem I think. Thank you for your help any additional suggestions welcome.

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@mhirji, Yep you did well… That fixed it! No more horizontal scrolling! :slight_smile:

The Fine Art Shadow choice, two my eye, looks Blurry/Convoluted/Hard to read.

If you wanted a shadow rather then Double letters, using the blur and changing the offset will
make it easier to read.

My two bits.

Hi Jay thanks for the feed back. Is it difficult to read on mobile, desktop or both?

Desktop, so both. Like the Art work by the way.