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Hello everyone,
Having a very long page, I am looking for a solution to have the navigation bar stick to the top of the browser window and disappear after a short scroll down. However, with the possibility of it reappearing if one decides to scroll back up to the top of the page.
Perhaps it’s not currently possible in Sparkle, but it could be a development suggestion?
Thanks to the community.
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That’s a good one :sunglasses:. Maybe in the near or far future the computer can read the users mind and figure out that he/she wants to scroll back to the top and then shows a navigation.

But seriously, you can do it with the combination of several elements.
I assume you know how to make the menu stick to the top.
Use the “crossfading header” to make it either small or invisible:
Animation Crossfading Header

For the “going back to the top” option i recommend to use a popup that is fixed in position and shows up after scrolling (see documentation). There you place f.e. an arrow pointing up and set a link to the top of the page.

Trying = learning. So do not hesitate to start that.

Mr. F.

Thank you for this solution, but is there not a way, when scrolling back up to the top of the page, for the navigation bar to reappear and be attached to the top of the window? (upon detecting upward mouse movement)

Hi, I have visited your site and I like how your menu links show the actual page the user is on, may I ask how you achieved this effect?

hello, there is no code, I placed very thin blocks of the same width as the buttons under the navigation bar. this allows you to point to the displayed page. However, I have not found an equivalent solution for mobile navigation.
Good day