Need help...cant upload sites in from Sparkle

hello everyone…when I go to upload my sites these days I am getting a message that reads:
" The certificate for is not valid, please try with http or check the server configuration"

The url does have a valid certificate…I use it daily as a test domain. Any way to fix this?

If it matters, the domain is and is hosted at

Thank you for some help in this matter.
Shawn Bullard

When uploading to a website, it’s better to use the HTTPS prefix if you have a valid security certificate on the site. You can also just use HTTP - without the S - that also works.

Ive tried that too…and it’s not working.

did you try HTTP - If that doesn’t work, you may have to contact your web host for help

The correct format would be http://yourdomain

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so I left off the www and the https worked…bizzare…thats pretty finicky ya know

Either way, thank you for the help and reply.
SB in Tennessee

Just for future information, When a user enters a domain name with “www” (e.g., in their browser, DNS translates this domain name to an IP address, and the browser sends an HTTP request to the server associated with that IP address. The server then receives the request and typically serves the content associated with that domain name.

Similarly, when a user enters a domain name without “www” (e.g.,, the DNS resolution process still occurs, and the server receives the request. The server then serves the content associated with that domain name, which may be the same content or different content from what is served for the “www” version of the domain.

This really applies to people trying to find your domain on a browser. But, when it comes to uploading directly to a server, the http or https prefix is almost always used.


I would suggest @ShawnBullard311 to jump into your cPanel and go Domains / Redirects and choose a Permanent Redirect (301) of your domain name and redirect it onto https://yourdomain. Then below that click on “Redirect with or without www.” and also “Wild Card Redirect

This will force all non-www or www to your https://yourdomain

Hey @ShawnBullard311,

GoDaddy has an incorrect certificate for your domain, the secure site answers with a “” certificate, this is a security issue, like a different site posing for yours:

I’m guessing is also your site, I’m guessing they share the same IP address, so the other site’s secure http server is responding for the first one. You should get in touch with GoDaddy, they’ll sort it out for you.