Need to save twice

I got used to save my pages about all 5 minutes due to some problems with early Sparkle 3 versions wich occur to crash sometimes while working.
Now I’ve noticed, that every time I tick the “save” button, I’ve to do it twice as Sparkle doesn’t start it at the first time. Only at the second klick, saving starts.
Can reproduce this every time I want to save my projects.
It’s not a big deal, just anted to know, if somebody else has noticed it, or if I’m doing something wrong.
Thanks for any answer.

We have not built any saving feature in Sparkle, it’s part of the macOS “modern document architecture”, so just like Keynote/Pages/etc.

You don’t notice anything the first time because it happens in the background. Since only a single background save operation is allowed, the second time you hit save, it stalls until the first one has finished.