Nervous Nellie v3 to v4 migration question

As a blogger, I am excited to take advantage of v4’s tagging functionality. Before I go down the migration path, I have a risk-averse question…

Can I have v3 and v4 on the same Mac? Not necessarily running simultaneously but in a fashion where I can make v3 content updates and experiment with v4?


Am I being too much of a Nervous Nellie and upgrading my v3 blog site ( project to v4 should have no issues?

From my experience @DaverD, you you can have an older version of Sparkle on your local drive.

I think you will be AOK upgrading to V4 without too many issues.
If you do have two versions of Sparkle remember when you open your V3 project file it will be converted to Sparkle V4. When you save it it will not override your V3 project file because you have to rename it before saving.

Also to note your new Sparkle V4 project file will not open up in Sparkle V3.

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Actually it will upgrade the file in place, only beta versions avoid that.

So yeah best to keep a backup of the file so it can be opened in v3 again.

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Ouch! thank you for clarifying that Duncan - way to much in to the beta to tell the difference nowadays! :nerd_face: