New blog posts not recognized in index

Hello fellow bloggers.

How do you create new blog posts? I am emphasizing the word “new” because with Sparkle 4.5.x, I tried what I used to do with Sparkle 3.x which was to edit a duplicate of a previous post to keep all the formatting I had in place. However, that didn’t work.

I recently did a redesign of my blog site to Sparkle 4.5.x. Today, I wanted to add a new blog post and did what I just described. I duplicated a previous post, updated it, and it looked fine. However, the blog index had a weird result. Instead of seeing my new post, I saw a duplicate of the blog post I duplicated.

The new blog post has a different title, a different date, and of course, different content in the post itself. It even has a different tag. While Sparkle does recognize the new tag and date, it doesn’t recognize the new title or blog post content.

On the other hand, if I create a new blog post by adding a new blog post, all appears to behave as expected in the index.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Could I just ask you @DaverD, have you also edited the RSS Summary of your duplicated blog post?

As I slap my forehead, I’ll say, “Of course! That’s it! Why didn’t I think of that!”

Thanks @FlaminFig

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