New guy, imported my old recording studio site from i Web

Hello Sparkle people.
I recently imported the old iWeb site I had for my recording studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.
Did some work on it with Sparkle while trying to learn.
Tutorials have been helpful.

I have a couple questions.

  1. Is there a video that specifically details what to do to fine tune for different devices?

  2. Are there any design templates that are suited for recording studios?
    There’s a lot of ‘info’ associated with a site for a recording studio. Gear, Staff (with credits), Clients, pictures, sounds, contact info.

I successfully got all of my info over from my old site and updated it a little but it feels crowded to me.
If you’d like to take a look at my ‘in progress’ site it’s located at

Thanks in advance for any tips.

@RoscoeNYC, Looks like you had a lot of fun with it!
You might want to look at your home navigation. It is different to all the other pages so comes across confusing? Your font line-height could do with a bit more leading (aka vertical spacing).

Duncan (the owner of Sparkle) has a great selection of videos plus he explains how to fine-tune devices so check it out at -

Regarding a studio recording template why not try out Duncan’s Sparkle website? There might be one that will suit your needs -
There is also Chris @Chris, at Sparkle Themes that has a template specifically orientated at a sound studio so maybe that could also be one to check out -

Ok, good luck with it all! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the tips.
I have been watching Duncan’s videos.

I’m super green so sometimes I miss the terminology but I’ll look at both of those links.


Be careful, however, about succumbing to the urge for “pretty”. Yes, you can make a technically superior web site with lots of floating backgrounds and “really cool stuff”, but is that what you are after? Not usually. There are bazillions of web sites out there, and your user probably came from Google Search. Think about your own experiences. You navigate to one of these gorgeous sites that say nothing, and off you go to the next. You have 10 seconds of eyeball, if you are lucky. Get to it! “Who, what, where, when and why” is far more critical now than it ever was in print. Would you use your company after 10 seconds or less on your site?


One suggestion: your domain name fails to tell people what you do…record music.

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Thank you.

Cowboy Technical is the short name of our business hence our domain name.
The rather long full name is Cowboy Technical Services Recording Rig.

We have been in business in a very competitive market for over 20 years.

Hi, Roscoe!
Thanks for your response about your domain.
It’s great that you’ve been around for so long in this very competitive business!
But why not (for $10/year) see if a parked domain such as “” or “” that points to your main site, can help your Google search results and your business?
Just my two cents :slight_smile:

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I’ll investigate that.