New portfolio site made with sparkle

Hello Sparkler, I have created a new portfolio website with Sparkle. Here is deliberately no form or Google Maps used. Since you guys are always so good bug-finders, I wanted to show you this one.
(Please don’t suggest me a justification ;-))



Steffi. A very nice institutional site. I like it. Viewing on an iPad is just fine. No issues.

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Thank you very much
. :smiling_face:

Buena Web enhorabuena!
Claro, limpio y ordenado. Buena combinación de colores.
Lo veo con traducción automática de google a español, y se ve perfecto sin ningún error.

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Gracias, estoy muy feliz de escuchar eso. Saludos desde Düsseldorf

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Very good website. One question: how did you place the submenu items in the centered position in relation to the hamburger icon? Sparkle does not offer this option (centralized) for the vertical submenu…

Hello Ramosjr, does this screenshot help you?

Cheers Steffi

Perfect, Steffi. A smart way! Thanks!

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