New Sparkle 3 feature questions?

Hey all, as we start to be able to breathe again after the Sparkle 3 launch, and consequent wave of bugs, crashes and questions, we’d like to figure out how we can better communicate how the new features work, and help you make the best use of Sparkle.

If you’re holding off using the new features, or maybe even upgrading to the v3 features, we’d love to know and help.

The main goal of this question is to improve the new documentation before committing to it for v3 and branching off the translations.

But feel free to ask questions that aren’t properly meant for documentation, happy to answer! And perhaps we can devote another YouTube chat to topics of interest.

Also in case our messaging has been confusing, the upgrade pricing to the v3 features is still discounted by 50%, it was not limited to the Black Friday period. The upgrade can be accessed in app from the “your license” window.


I could not get to Documentation Page. If I click on the link at the bottom of the page it comes right back to the What Is Sparkle page.

I have often wondered if the documentation is available as a PDF?

Thanks for 3.0…

That’s the documentation cover page. Clicking on the topics button opens the menu for the content. Sorry that that’s unclear.

PDF will also come after the content is a bit more complete. Thanks you!

I completely missed clicking on TOPICS. I clicked on Documentation at the bottom of that page. Sorry to be so dumb…

Hi Duncan, I’m excited to start using V3! I watched your video of all the new features, which was helpful. But, I’d love it if you guys would do maybe some short videos on how Sparkle supports topics like:
Dynamic websites
Latest Menu best practices (burger or standard)
Highlights of the latest version (popups)

Just an idea!
Thanks, love Sparkle!