New Sparkle tutorials

Today we are releasing the following new Sparkle training material:

  • 5 new tutorial videos
  • a new free book introducing design in Sparkle
  • a new ScreenCastsOnline video

Here are all the details.

Following the Sparkle 5 videos released in October, today we are releasing 5 new tutorial videos:

For future reference, you’ll also be able to find the new videos in our documentation and in our YouTube channel.

Frank Browne (@francbrowne), long time designer and Sparkle professional, has written an excellent introduction to designing for the web, using Sparkle. Frank is offering the book as a free download, and has also made the book available for purchase if you prefer a hardcopy. Check it out.

Finally, ScreenCastsOnline, the site famous for making great tutorials of Mac apps, has published an in depth tutorial of Sparkle, available in full to subscribers of the site. Go to ScreenCastsOnline.


Great! Can’t wait to check it all out.