New tutorial available

If you’re interested in delving deeper into popups and their application in web design, I’ve created a tutorial explaining how to construct a multi-playlist, multi-track audio player using only standard Sparkle elements in combination with popups. While you might not necessarily require an audio player for your website, the tutorial serves to showcase the versatility of popups in crafting interactive interface components. Investing time in this tutorial can provide valuable practice in designing with popups, which are a potent feature within Sparkle. Moreover, they extend beyond the typical ‘middle of the window’ popups that users often find intrusive, demonstrating their potential for enhancing user experience in various contexts.

The tutorial can be found HERE



Thanks @francbrowne This look very interesting. It’s always inspiring to see what one can do with Sparkle getting a detailed example.

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Awesome work @francbrowne another example what can be done in sparkle with a bit of lateral thinking and imagination

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Very nice work! Thank you for this. A lot more can be accomplished in Sparkle than you think.

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That is awesome. Thanks. Very clear and informative.