No pagination with blog Index

I’m doing something wrong with the blog index. I only get a maximum of five posts and no pagination. I have eight posts so far and after reformatting them I’m now getting the first three instead of the latest five. I’ve looked at the video and read everything but can’t find a clue. Anyone have the solution? Thanks.

Yes @stemperley there is a bit of confusion with this.
I hear you have have set your Blog Index / Blog Post Per Page to 5 but you are only seeing 3 on the Blog Index page. Do you also now have pagination showing at the bottom of your Blog Index page indicating there is more?

For me I change the order in the left hand column of the blog post thumbnails if I want different, but Sparkle will show the latest blog posts so in your case you have now the latest three on the canvas, and the 5 before that is in hiding. If you add another 2 blog posts then you will reach your 5 blog posts for the page.

If you add another new blog post (making it 11) Sparkle will only show that one on the canvas and hide the other 10. After a while you you’ll get your head around it.

Thanks. I’m not seeing the pagination thing at all and according to what I’ve been reading I should. There should be five posts per page and then a new page is created as the number of posts grow. I’m almost ready to publish the work I’ve been doing. Perhaps it shows on the live page? Not there on preview and the formatting on blog index is messed up though not on the posts themselves.

Yes maybe it is best for now to put it on your server (I would use a test folder) and see how it all looks and works.

You might have accidentally deleted the pagination?

This looks like a user error. You cannot delete the pagination, only hide it or make it visible only to certain users.
Please post a screenshot from Sparkle that shows everything: the whole index page of the blog and the “Arrange” tab active on the right.
Maybe then we will see something. In any case, we’re not getting anywhere this way.

Thanks. This is the index with five posts showing. I’m sure it’s something I’m not understanding, I just can’t see what that it.

Which Sparkle version are you working with?
Looks like something older. 5.2.5 is the actual version.

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I’m running 5.2.5. I think I’m up to date.

Found it! Trouble was that without my realizing all the colors were set to the same as the background. I changed that and now I see it. Thanks for your help both.

OK. Good. Next step.

Open the Blog index page in sparkle. Don’t mark any object. Now check the layers panel on the left. Is there a line “pagination” or similar (i have a different language running)? Maybe gray not black? What do you see?

When it’s gray, mark the line and check the arrange tab.

I had it set to the same color as the background. I was just looking around and found the element in the styles panel and was able to change it. It was there, I just couldn’t see it.

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