Non-Adult content site I created using Sparkle

site: dylnwithit

This is a quickly created site I made a few months ago. Important to note that it was made with Sparkle 4 as I have not yet been able to update to Sparkle 5.
Features some music, videos, photos for an electronic music artist. Not too much server side scripts or coding involved. I would say I used Sparkle for 90-95% of it. Never been able to use just one single app/tool before to create a site.

So I was very happy to have found Sparkle.

In my opinion it is best app since the days of Freeway or Dreamweaver prior to Adobe.

NOTE: Currently updating and adding content. There may be parts of the site that look incomplete or not functioning correctly. Site updates will be finished by Oct 27th, 2023 (have more relaxed timeline when working on this site).

I like it, very cool website!

:smile: thank you. I am going share some other sites/projects too