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Just a question, how is it possible that since today, when I replace a photo in my website, it is no longer posted, only see a white plate

Hi there,

For someone to answer your query we’ll need a little more information. Please can you post more details?



When I wanted to change a photo on my sparkle website with another photo,

I was unable to get it on my website instead, instead

I didn’t get a photo, but only a “white image” , so no photo


How have you changed the photo? If you are seeing just a “white image” have you inadvertently applied a filter or some other effect to the image? Do check out the Images section in the documentation. If you can post a screenshot of your problem it would be helpful.



No, I have only put a new map of Portugal on the homepage,

no filters / effect applied to the image. Putting the old photo back also gives

the same effect. Check out the result on my site


(1) clear browser cache
(2) close and restart browser
(3) switch between some pages and go back to home

I can see a map, but i do not know if it is the image you have placed last :wink:

Mr. F.


When I look at I get the the white square with a ? mark in it. Looking at the page with Safari’s developer tools it is reporting that the image is not found:

For some reason this image does not appear to have uploaded to your server. As @Mr_Fozzie says, clear your caches including the Sparkle cache (in Sparkle, Preferences…) and try re-publishing the site.

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Well, i did not say to republish :grin:

Try this: go to (not secured website) and you will see the blank space with the :question:
Then go to “History” and the go back to “Home”
Now you should see a map. When i do this, it’s there.

Mr. F.

True! Yes, when I do that the map appears. However, when looked at with the Safari Inspector the image has a different name (

Digging a little deeper: typing or following a link to goes to but the url for the home menu item on the history page is

So @ri1945 you have two different “home” pages! Decide which one to use and you should be fine.


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That seems to be the problem.

Mr. F.


Thank you all for thinking about my site

In the end, when I made this site, I

named the first page “Home” instead of “Index”, after doing this everything worked again.

I just had one more question, how can I go from an Unsecure site to a Secure site

. Thank you in advance.


Your web host must offer an SSL certificate that must be associated with your site.
Maybe you can do that on your own when you are logged in the administration of your webspace.

Mr. F

Your host provides free Let’s Encrypt certificates. Your hosting control panel should make these easy to install (may be under the name TLS Encryption). If you are lucky you can force the site to always use TLS/SSL and won’t have to alter the hidden .htaccess file. There are other posts on the forum that give details about this.

Glad it’s all sorted now!


Hello , 

Thanks for information about secure /un secure websites , that is now resolved.
But what is the actual problem, that my site made with sparkle, does not show the entire index page

on Safari , just 1 sec, after clearing cache, but every time
it goes back to the text area, so that no menu can be seen anymore,
now turns out that there is no problem with another browser (no problem with firefox)
, Apple support says ask the maker of this program

I can see all pictures and the site is safe (SSL). But I see, that your header is blurry and on the right side the border is not even.