Not publish one entire section

Hello World,

I just want to get an entire section NOT to being published.

It’s the Blog Session : I want to keep it (if one day, I want it back published) but it contains maybe 250 pages, so I don’t want to put “Not publish” on each page… And do it again later to put them back on the site…

I tried “Ctrl A” to select all pages concerned, and put “not published” : it just make the first page selected, not all…

Tried also to “not publish” the Blog Section : all others pages inside seems published…

Any ideas ? Thanks a lot,


You could duplicate the project file and then remove all the blog pages from the duplicate, Publish that version of the site, and keep the blog version for when you eventually decide to publish it.

Yes, I’ve already done this, but unfortunately, it seems not working when I want to copy a section nor a page in another project.

I just can copy/paste layers of a page… I am missing something ?

Thanks for the reply by the way.

Conceptually, it seems you want to create an “Archive” folder. To make this easier in the future, maybe include an Archive tag.

I can think of a couple options, maybe not elegant but functional. I have not tried this directly but it should work in principle (I know, big words :roll_eyes:). It requires a multi-step process, some inside Sparkle and some via File Management.

First Step: Within Sparkle
Publish blog posts into a separate folder, as described in Sparkle Docs (Page Setup | Sparkle Documentation). Call it “Blog” (or whatever).

If not already published to a separate folder, then manually move the previously published pages into an “Archive” folder (using the file management system). Assure all future posts go to a unique folder (“Blog”) but not the “Archive” folder (until you want it archived).

Second Step: File Management (cPanel or whatever)
For the “Archive” folder, either a) change the name of the folder that Sparkle publishes those blogs to–the ‘unpublished blog’ folder–or b) password protect the folder. Option b is probably safer, for security reasons and to prevent someone stumbling onto the posts but it will activate the File Management login page. Either would limit access.

(Possible) Third Step: Sparkle and/or File Management
Assure you either a) redirect all links to the moved/secured posts to a special page in Sparkle (maybe call it “Archive” with a note that the page has limited access) or b) remove all links to them. Otherwise a visit to moved/secured post will produce the 404 page (Page not Found error). You could add an explanation on your 404 page with a back button to the blog index or wherever you want visitors to go.

I am unsure, but perhaps the Blog Index will continue to list the posts making the 404 page the better option. Maybe?

It may not be elegant but probably easier than ticking the “Do Not Publish” button on 250 pages. Maybe :person_shrugging: ?? Now, I’m curious if this will work… :smiley_cat: