Not receiving email from a contact form

Good afternoon.
Since a couple of weeks I do not receive an email from a contact form.
The error I see in CPanel is “error from remote mail server after end of data: 550 Message rejected due to user rules.”
The website is, page “Activiteiten voor kinderen” -> button “Lees Meer” -> “Naar aanvraagformulier”. There is a Thankyou page and yes, it is indicated as PHP.
I already contacted my provider. He could not find anything wrong.sparkle1
But he suggests that the form is recognized as SPAM and rejected…
Sparkle version 2.8.12.

Thanks, Frank.

I suggest you ask your web host. The contact form is working fine.

Nice site @Frankbl51. well done!

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After a lot of discussion, I followed the suggestion of Duncan to change from “email via webserver” to “use typical SMTP-server”. And now it works!

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Yeah to clarify it turned out to be a mail server that, in my opinion, is configured too stringently. Or I haven’t found that issue with any other sparkle user so far.