November 10th - Party Time!

Apple silicon Macs and Big Sur November 10th. Are you coming to the party Sparkle 3?


Ohhhhhh… Pressures on!..

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One more thing


Does that mean that Sparkle is releasing it update the 10th as well?
I am very eager to start my happy dance!

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Whenever Big Sur is released. Same day. Could be the next day or could be a week later.

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I know! I’m eager as well to join in with your happy dance, but it is like Duncan has said! :)…

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It’s about time! I think this wait was the most stressful, even more so than my graduation thesis discussion I had last week!
Sparkle 3: GO GO GO!

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I’ll be there, whenever it happens…

I’m more excited about Sparkle 3 than I am Apples Sur