One more question to checker-boxes in forms

I dont know how to realize it, but my customer doesn’t want to have a professional form, he’s absolutely ok with a simple form from Sparkle. But I have a choice of wines on it and my important question would be: Is it possible to send (clicking on SEND-Button) only the informations marked by a click. For more details (if I explained it to complicate) see Weinbestellung
Thanks for every hint.

Well, i’m pretty sure that Sparkle collects all (selected) fields in a form, no matter if blank or not.

My best advice for your vine order: use a shop system.

My 2nd best advice: optimize the form. I can click all three packages for 1 vine. It would be better to select a vine and in an extra field the amount of packages. Use a dropdown or the slider for this.

You can play around with the smartfield calculator, but unfortunately the form does not send the results. Maybe that’s something for the (near) future of Sparkle.

Mr. F.

This would require a custom, server-side script tailored specifically for use with the form in question. A web form typically sends the data in form to a PHP script hosted on your server. Most scripts are set up to simply gather up the data contained in the form fields and forward it in the form of an email, whether the form field has data or not. If you need some further processing of the data to eliminate blank fields before forwarding the email, you will have to have a special script written to do that. If you did go this route, you would set the send form function in Sparkle to Advanced Form Submission and supply the URL of your custom form script in the appropriate space in the style inspector.

All what I can say @geneprofi is that your client needs to get with the times!
How is the User client making the wine order payment? Is it all via email?

Online Users don’t have the time to fuss around so I feel your client is at a big disadvantage in making good online sales the way it is set up now. And how is your client looking after all those personal details they are receiving? Is it properly setup for EU’s GDPR?

I would suggest your client uses a third-party store that is GDPR compliant for his wine sales.
Could I also suggest for your client to look into their hosting - Wow is it a slooooow loading experience.
Also the main navigation doesn’t work when I use the English version of the site.

I also sent a request to send the calculator in an email to Duncan. It would be a great feature!