One page won't republish, the rest have updated,

Using latest Sparkle version, I updated my site and republished, but one page refuses to do so. It isn’t greyed out, I can’t work out why not. Does anyone have any suggestions? I’m not very experienced but I have read the docs. Thanks.

Greyed our generally means the “exclude from publishing” setting is checked, in the page settings.

Yes, it wasn’t greyed out, so I was mystified as to why it wouldn’t publish. I tried twice. I’ll have another go.I must be doing something wrong.
Thanks for your reply.

Rechecked, it has partly updated on the mobile device, but a couple of other bugs, so I’ll get back to the drawing board.Thank you.

If it’s partly updated then it may be a issue with your hosting provider rather than Sparkle.

If this persits it might be worth clearing Sparkle’s publishing cache in Sparkle, Preferences…, which should force Sparkle to reload all your pages not just the changed one.

Thanks for your kind reply. I’ve solved this now, by saving, then renaming the file, and then republishing. I’m not very familiar with Sparkle, as you may have gathered, and there was a period of about ten years between this site and my last one, so I’m feeling very rusty!