Opinions from the Experts

I’m going to redesign my project website to refocus on the fans rather than potential sponsors. But, I’m not a designer, not even close. Best I can do is replicate design elements I like and see how they play out on a page.

Would you guys who are experts be willing to give feedback on this new design and let me know which you’d prefer, the current or “new”? And I’m not looking for praise, I want to know the real-world feedback, warts and all, otherwise I’m not giving the public what they want.

The redesign (home page) should be ready tomorrow.

@producerguyaz, Yep, I can do that! :)…

Constructive feedback at your service :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks guys, will have something posted over the weekend.

Actually I’ve decided not to reinvent the wheel. After trying what I’d hoped to be a “better” design I’m just going sideways for no good reason. I just need to refocus the site and do some minor layout changes. One day when this thing gets off the ground I’ll just hire a real designer! Thanks anyway guys.

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You can get a long way with adjustments on the templates that are available. Designing is not that hard. If you know what your customer wants you are going to be fine. Just a heads up!