Our new website

Hi there,

We would like to share with you our new brand and website experience (created in Sparkle) so you can give us your feedback. Feedback helps a lot when we design something different and risky.

We had a studio that was called Relajao (we did Sparkle’s current website) but we have moved on and we have changed to Molécula recently.

Here is the website in english: https://molecu.la/en
y esta es la web en español: https://molecu.la

We are a branding/web design/media agency so we are open to talk If we can help with something :wink:

Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts :heart:


Whaouuu, it’s absolutely stunning. :grinning: Good work, must have taken some time.

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I ask if you realized that these two buttons do not lead to what is expected?



But like the design, the left hand menu is quite kind of tricky but nice idea and well done.
Watching it on a big screen I wonder how that experience is on smaller and touch devices?

Very Kind Regards,

Well that’s one of our big big issues with the website, but we don’t know how to fix that, we have tried to change the icon to a mouse scroll but we didn’t like it so we are discussing if we remove them or what we should do.

The menu bar is a pop-up and I don’t see the way to have anchors to scroll on a pop-up.

About touch devices I think it works best that on desktops :wink:

Btw thanks for telling us about the buttons issue :slight_smile: (fixed now)

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Sounds great to me.

“change the icon to a mouse scroll” how did you do that? I am also “searching” for a way to change the mouse appearance at certain spots or always?

Thanks in advance and Kind Regards,

Hello there
I must say, I don’t like the design very much. But you have some very nifty ideas on the site – I like the contact-form imitating a message. I also like the technical side of the menu at the left, though it isn’t the most user friendly one. I like the background video.

While design is always disputable I want to give you feebdack on it, too:
The font: the streched letters do in no way correspond with the normal ones – it’s simply a break. Like two different fonts – A marriage, that won’t work.
There is too much text to read – which is emphasized by the choice (lack) of colours/contrast.
The logo at the top left is not linked to the homepage.
Having that said (to give you constructive feedback) the technical part of the site is very cool.

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Since you asked…

• The side menu rarely ever gets you where you want to go (or anywhere most of the time).

• The top left logo seems to overlap the click region of the menu, but only when the menu is NOT in the first position.

• I’m on a 27" high-def monitor and you haven’t been able to fit a useable menu on it. You really need to test on many different sized devices if you’re in love with your concept… it’s not being displayed as you expect.

• The arrows over (or under?) the menu seem to do nothing. If I’m scrolled into the top position (however you determine the “top” position) the top arrow should disappear. The bottom arrow could disappear too as it doesn’t seem to do anything. Since scrolling seems problematic and the arrows don’t implement a scroll, I’m wondering how to use it.

• It’s tempting to assume that nothing on the site is clickable… there’s nothing but white text on black. Sparkle supports systems with Dark Mode, but your design defeats the reason to use it. You can use Sparkle to design dark-on-light and allow a user’s system to implement Dark Mode (or force light-on-dark). If a user needs (or wants) dark mode, Sparkle already supports it. I’m sure there are OS’s that don’t have Dark Mode. The old technique for that was to have a user switch it on. I can’t pretend how that might be handled. If the default MUST be dark, you might try to inject some of the reverse (or color) onto things you need to be noticed. Pitch black with a pin dots background and big white strangely kerned (sized? manipulated?) text is… taxing.

• The oscillating box outline is a neat technical feature, but why? The boxes are already huge and if you used conventional methods of highlighting the one of interest, I can think of several techniques that don’t emulate a rocking boat.

• Get a copy of Steve Krug’s “Don’t Make Me Think - Revisited”, Third Edition. I refer to it almost every day to avoid embarrassing misunderstandings about my users.

• Keep on truckin’ though. We’re all in the same rocking boat on this forum just trying to guide our viewers’ attention and understanding, for our own or someone else’s benefit. Good luck with your works.

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Impresionante trabajo. Me encanta vuestra página. Un saludo.

Brill website very good