Overlap in Layout Blocks

Hi, Layout blocks are cool, when they work! But I am still struggling with some aspects…
Right now I have a few Layout blocks, that are supposed to stack up. But somehow they still overlap each other. What can I do to prevent that? It would be cool, if one could check their modus/ position more precisely … f.e.

Showing Lb just before touching each other…

Showing Lb running to far in (between “Skolegang” and “Praktisk”)

Ok, I found a work around: Place any objekt (f.e. a box with the same color) inside the Layout Block with the same hight as the layout block and lower layout block stack properly.

Also don’t forget @TomVogel, if you think the Layout Block is behaving weirdly then let @duncan know at feedback@sparkleapp.com

Done and fixed in 5.0.3 ;o)

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