Page height at 600,000 px - how do I bring it back to earth?

When messing with a menu that will “Move with the Page Bottom”, I accidentally made all my pages 600,000 px in length!

How do I shorten it back to a manageable level ie 2,000 px in length?


  • I currently have checked “Show Hidden Elements”
  • have tried CMD+A to select all layers to see if something is hidden
  • using Sparkle 5.5.2 (24910)

Earth calling Sparkle come in Sparkle!.. :rocket: :star2:

The quickest way @ziffin is to go down to the very bottom of your web pages and double click the Sparkle footer scrubber which looks like this…

I was also going to ask you to check if you have any hidden elements but you have just answered it.
Also make sure if you have added a popup to mobile that it can through out your desktop.


thanks @FlaminFig!!

I also found after your hint, that it can also be done by [Control]+[Command]+[F] or “Fit Page Height to Content” (which I was using wrong!)

Many thanks :slight_smile: