Page Height Limit?

Hi Folks,

I use a full-width white (box) background on my Home Page that covers almost the entire length of the page.

My question: Is there an upper limit to either the length of the box or the length of the home page itself? (If so, what is that limit?)

I’m attaching a screenshot of the layer settings. Hope that helps. And thank you in advance for your help!


I haven’t come across a limit @sinoevil but I remember Duncan saying something about this so maybe a search of this forum could help?

Have you thought of using Page / Background / Fill or Page / Background / Content instead of a Widebox for the background of your home page?

Hi @FlaminFig, Thank you for the tip. I have tried searching for a previous thread in the forum. So far, no luck. I’ll keep trying. It’s the first time I came across this limitation. I will look into using the Page/Background option. However, for this particular page I’m already using a video as Background Content, so that might be an issue. I appreciate the response. Thanks!

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